Learning to engineer Prompts!

Learning the basics of a good prompt.

ChatGPT does have it’s limitation.

There’s an old computer programming saying: “Garbage in, Garbage out”. The meaning is simple to understand, if you use bad coding in programs you’ll get bad results.

We are assuming in these lessons that you already have a chatGPT account and are at least a little familiar with the platform. If not, just leave a comment and we’ll send you the information on creating a free account.

Now to jump right into what makes a good prompt, and then we will begin to build on how to engineer great prompts for anything you could need.

A good prompt should have clarity, be specific, have relevant context, serve purpose, be concise, be open-ended, and be engaging. When creating a prompt for a chat that has these things you increase the likelihood your response will be more informative and meaningful.

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