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Alright, continuing from our last post I input the same prompts about our plumbing company into open-assistant (for those interested the link is

Open-assistant is an open source chat GTP style AI. It’s completely free but has it’s draw backs as an open-source system. Open assistant still seems to be learning.

If you remember the prompts:

Write an ad for facebook. My companies name is [Myplumbing] and the ad should be about [11gpm tankless water heater] and its benefits which are saving energy], [lower bills], [never run out of hot water] , and how they can improve your quality of life and save you money. Include a call to action.

Looking for a way to upgrade your home’s plumbing while also saving energy and lowering your bills? Look no further than [MyPlumbing] and our 11GPM Tankless Water Heater!

Our tankless water heaters provide consistent, on-demand hot water that never runs out, allowing you to enjoy warm showers and relaxing baths without worry. They also use less energy than traditional tank heaters, resulting in significant cost savings on your utility bills.

But the benefits don’t stop there – with a tankless water heater from [MyPlumbing], you can also:

  • Improve your home’s overall efficiency by eliminating standby heat loss associated with traditional tanks
  • Free up valuable space in your home previously occupied by a bulky tank
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance needs compared to tank heaters

Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the convenience and cost savings of a tankless water heater from [MyPlumbing]. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation!

As you can see the ad is shorter and not well written as before. The prompt was pretty simple and straightforward so I believe that the out come from this AI LLM was the same. This is the type of ad that anyone can throw together with out putting much thought into. What do you think?

Our next prompt was a bit more complex in giving specifics:

“What compelling visuals and messaging can I incorporate in a facebook ad to showcase the superior performance and reliability of the 11 gallon per minute tankless water, inspiring homeowners to embrace it as a transformative upgrade and step into of the hero within their home?

Our open-assistant had trouble with this prompt and didn’t complete the ad on the first run, so I had to asked to try again and this time to complete the ad and this was it’s response:

I apologize for my mistake earlier. Here’s the completed Facebook Single Image Ad:

<Facebook Single Image Ad>

Title: Upgrade Your Home’s Happiness With Our Game-Changing 11 GPM Tankless Water Heater

Objective: Convince potential customers that upgrading their old tank water heaters to our innovative and energy-efficient model will improve their lives at home.

Visual Elements:

  • An eye-catching image featuring a family enjoying a cozy evening together in front of a fireplace while sipping hot drinks. The background highlights a modern kitchen equipped with our tankless water heater installed beneath the sink.

Textual Content:

Headline: Transform Your Winter Bliss with Uninterrupted Warmth

Subheading 1: Save Space. Save Time. Live Greener.

Text: Welcome to the future of home comfort. Say goodbye to clunky tanks and hello to endless hot water on demand. Our innovative 11 GPM tankless water heater delivers luxurious warmth while saving you valuable living space and reducing your impact on the environment. Perfect for homes with limited square footage, this game-changer fits effortlessly into almost any area. Imagine never worrying about running out of hot water again, all while saving up to $267 annually on utilities. Take advantage of these benefits now and upgrade your happiness.

Button: Click Here to Experience Modern Luxury

Note: This text focuses on addressing common customer concerns such as space limitations, ease of use, and overall value. It emphasizes both immediate and long-term advantages of choosing our tankless water heater.

<Facebook Instagram Video Ad>

Title: Get Ready to Change Your Life: Introducing Our Effortless 11 GPM Tankless Water Heater

Objective: Create excitement around our innovative 11 GPM tankless water heater through an engaging video ad on Instagram.


Video Script:

Opening shot: Show a slow pan across a suburban neighborhood with winter scenery and snowcapped mountains in the backdrop.

Voiceover: Are you ready to transform your winter bliss? Introducing our groundbrea

As you can see it still did not complete the ad and in addition to that, it missed out completely on the hero archetype. I tried several more times in the conversation to make it understand what was being asked in the prompt and it did improve on the hero type keywords it still could not complete the ad.

My conclusion was simple. open-assistant is still having trouble learning to complete a task and should not expected to produce similar result you can get from chatGTP.

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